McDonald’s to introduce new burger recipe – pioneered in Australia – in the US

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After a successful trial in Australia, a new version of McDonald’s burgers will be available worldwide.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the burgers sold by fast food chains in the US from 2024 will be identical to those that were recently introduced in Australia.

McCafe was launched in Australia before being introduced worldwide.

The Australian market is similar to that of the US, but it’s sufficiently isolated for them to test new initiatives before implementing them.

Australia was a testing ground for McDonald’s, which launched McCafe there before launching it globally. NCA NewsWire/ David Mariuz.

The new recipe, which took seven years to develop, will result in burgers with more moisture, “special sauce” that is more plentiful, cheese that melts, fresher lettuce and onions, and an all-important brioche bun.

“We can make it fast, safe and easy, but it won’t taste good.” “We want to integrate quality into our current state,” Chris Young told the newspaper.

Macca’s makes the change to compete with fast food chains like Wendy’s, Five Guys, and Grill’d. Wendy’s will soon debut in Australia. They all promise better burgers.

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– The auto-cooking system will only grill six patties at a given time instead of eight. This will reduce the pressure on the burger patty and allow it to retain more juice.

– Burgers get more sauce

Buttery brioche will be used, and the bottom of each bun will be thicker to help retain heat.

– The sesame seeds are more randomly distributed on the buns for a homelier look

– The cheese will be removed from the refrigerator sooner so that it melts faster during cooking

After purchase, onions will be rehydrated for more juiciness.

– Lettuce, pickles, and other condiments will be kept in smaller containers. They must, therefore, be refreshed more frequently.

The Golden Arches is still nervous about the home market despite the fact that sales in the US are increasing. A recent survey revealed that it is only the 13th best chain to satisfy US hamburger cravings. In the survey, Burger King ranked second. It is known in Australia as Hungry Jack’s.

In Australia, there are no such concerns. In the past quarter, sales at McDonald’s Australia grew by 16.7%, almost double the US.

Macca’s has been testing its new burger in Australia.

The new burgers were introduced in Australia in 2018.

In October, McDonald’s Chief Executive Chris Kempczinski stated that its burger sales had reached a record high in Australia after revamping its recipe. This strategy, called “Best Burger,” was dubbed by the company.

“Conceptions of burgers that taste great continue to grow,” said Mr Kempczinski.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Chad Schafer, McDonald’s chief chef, as saying that the pimped-up patties are far superior.

It looks like it’s melting. Watch how my fingers sink into the bun. You can smell the difference.

But Mr Schafer says that the same cannot be said about the current US varieties.

This one is a little dry. It cracks. “This is the best example of a headquarters.”

McDonald’s outlets on the US West Coast have already started rolling out the new hamburgers. By early next year, they should be available in all 13 500 US Macca’s.

It will partner with the US-based Flynn Restaurant Group (the new owner of Pizza Hut) in Australia.

Abigail Pringle, Wendy’s International’s president, described Australia as a “strategic growth market”. We believe that the Australian market can be hundreds of restaurants.

Euromonitor’s data shows that Australia’s market for quick service restaurants is expected to grow by 32 percent over the next five-year period to $8.7bn.

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