The top eight items available at Aldi, as voted by its shoppers

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Aldi customers have named their favorite products at the German supermarket.

Aldi’s annual People’s Picks Awards saw over 380,000 Australians voting across categories like Australian Made Favorite, Lunch Box Item, and Cleaning Product.

Ready, Set… Cook is a product that continues to be popular. The RSPCA-approved Boneless Butterflied Chicken is available in three flavors: Spicy BBQ, Greek Style, and Spiced Mango. It costs $9.99/kilo.

The chicken was the winner of the “Time Lords” category last year, which is devoted to ready-to-eat meals. This year, it won the “Socialites” category, which is for products that have been frequently posted on social media.

One person said: “These were awesome!” In our freezer, we always keep a plain packet and one with extra veggies.

Other winners included the $7 Jindurra Steak 200g, which won in the BBQ category. The $2.29 Deli Originals Hommus won in the party category. The Yoguri Protein Yoghurt 16g won the health category.

Di-San’s Laundry Soaker, available in Ultra White and Pro Oxy, won the Partner In Grime Category, a cleaning product category. This is the first time that the Di-San laundry soaker 1kg has won this category. Other Di-San products have also taken top honors in the past.

Snackers Market Colby Cheese & Rice Crackers, 4pk, won the category of lunch boxes for the first time. In a new category, Aussie Made Favorite, Specially Selected Australian Eye Fillet Steak 21 Days Aged, $49.99 per kg, took the top prize.

Kylie Warnke is Aldi Australia’s Shopping Expert. She said: “We love the fact that The People’s Picks allows our customers to voice their opinions on their favourite Aldi foods and household essentials.”

Aldi offers a wide range of products that are high quality at affordable prices. It’s exciting to see which products receive the highest level of customer approval each year.

Ms Warnke announced that some new winners had taken the top spot in their respective categories, including the Australian Jindurra station Porterhouse Steak category in the BBQ Boss.

She said, “We have also had products that return to the winner’s list. Our Deli Originals Fresh Hommus won in The Life of the Party for the second consecutive year.”

“Our Ready set… cook!” Boneless Butterflied Chicken has retained its title as the winner. However, it has taken first place this time in one of our brand new categories: The Socialite. Officially making it the most popular Aldi product for the year.”

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