power breakfasts are packed with vegetables

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These breakfasts will help you start your day. You’ll be able to meet your daily veg quota before 9 am with these breakfasts.

The whole family will enjoy the breakfast fried rice and zucchini fritters.

5-ingredient shakshuka

Cook your eggs with a tomato-capsicum sauce for a low-fat, extra-special breakfast.

Green smoothie with kale, lime and Coconut Water

This healthy smoothie is packed with super ingredients that will get your day started right.

Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Bowl

Are you looking for a nutritious meal? This Mexican sweet potato and bean bowl is topped with an avocado and a fried yolk.

Breakfast fried rice

Did you think fried rice was only for dinner? You may want to reconsider! You can easily get more vegetables into your diet with this healthy breakfast fried rice.

Zucchini fritters

These golden zucchini and pea Fritters will make your breakfast even more special.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Wilted Garlic Kale, Poached Egg and Almonds

This healthy, hearty breakfast will rival your favorite cafe’s breakfast.

Open-pan zucchini, chilli and ricotta frittata

This healthy vegetarian frittata is perfect for a quick weekend breakfast or dinner. It will become a family favorite.

Smashed avo on sweet potato toast

Enjoy this tasty breakfast with an egg on top by substituting sweet potato for the bread.

Smashed chickpea bruschetta

This tasty vegetarian breakfast will give you a protein boost to start the day.

Green veggie smoothie

This delicious smoothie will give you a boost of greens in the morning. The recipe can be adapted to whatever is in season.

Thai-style breakfast omelets

This Thai-style breaky egg recipe is a great way to start the day. It’s packed with vegetables, fresh lime, and a touch of chili.

Avocado toasted muffins with shaved ham and spinach

This quick ten-minute breakfast is a tasty twist on classic smashed Avocado on Toast.

Zucchini nests stuffed with eggs and kale.

It will be easy to prepare this low-calorie dinner on a busy weeknight. This would make a great weekend breakfast.

Sweet potato “toasts” with satay Sauce

Add homemade satay, fresh cucumbers, mint, and lime to sweet potato toast for a tasty, affordable breakfast that the entire family will love.

Pots with kale, eggs, and herbs

This egg pot is packed with vegetables to make it healthy and delicious.

Vegetable frittata

Our quick and easy veggie frittata will challenge kids in the kitchen.

Salad de black rice avec kale, tomatoes, and feta, a

This black rice salad is topped with roasted tomato and creamy feta. It’s a delicious side dish.

Egg omelet with asparagus, rocket, and ham

Breakfast is worth getting up for!

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