New range of Woolies cakes and desserts arrive in store

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Woolworths introduced over 100 new baked desserts in stores throughout the country.

The range of bakery products includes new and reformulated cookies, cakes, muffins and baked desserts.

The Wooliesmudcake has been updated in the form of a smash cake. It features the same fluffy chocolate sponge cake but is topped with an edible chocolate dome.

Prices start at $5.50 per cookie and go up to $23 for Lemon Meringue Tart or $35 for Smash Cake.

The original mud cakes in caramel, white chocolate, and chocolate are available.

Donald Keith, Woolworths Merchandise Bakery manager, joked about his team’s “tough” job of tasting each new product.

He said, “It was a difficult job, but our team taste-tested every product.”

The Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pie can be heated in the oven with your favorite ice cream.

Biscoff cinnamon spice biscuits are already flying off of the shelves in the snack aisle.

Other standout features include a Lemon Meringue Tart and Caramel Cake topped with dulce de leche.

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