20 creative meals you can make for your kid’s lunch box

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Do you find it frustrating to find uneaten sandwiches and apples at the bottoms of your school bags?

You’ll get a big thumbs-up from your children if you use these creative and healthy ideas for lunch boxes, especially if you have kids who are picky eaters.

There are many easy recipes to choose from, including muffins and pizza slices.

The perfect healthy treat for kids, these sausage rolls are made with only five ingredients. You can also make cheesy, gooey pumpkin nuggets that are bursting with flavor. There are also delicious fritter recipes you can whip up in no time.


Spinach and leek quiche

Bring-a-plate vegetarian lunch solved with a spinach quiche, leek, and goat cheese.

Ham, pineapple, and pesto Turkish pizzas

This ham and pineapple pie is made with leftover Christmas ham. It’s ready in 20 minutes!

Sausage roll muffins

Both kids and adults will devour these cheesy muffins.

Easy ricotta and spinach muffins

These muffins are no exception. These muffins are ready in 45 minutes and freezer-friendly. They also make great lunchbox fillers.

5-ingredient sausage rolls

The easy sausage rolls are a great choice for lunches or to feed a large group.

Pumpkin and cheese muffins with a Veggie Load

These muffins are easy to make and packed with vegetables like leek, capsicum, and cheese. The kids won’t know!

Blueberry and almond slices with a crumble-topped top

Our crumble-topped Blueberry and Almond Slice will cure your afternoon cravings.

Pumpkin nuggets with cheese

Nuggets are now vegetarian! These pumpkin and cheese-filled crumbed balls are delicious!

Crispy Mac and Cheese Muffins

These crispy mac and cheddar muffins will give you extra crunchy sides!

Bacon mac and cheese zucchini slice

This recipe is a delicious, family-friendly combination of mac and cheese and zucchini slices.

Vegetable and tofu patties with curried tofu

These super-fast patties are perfect for vegetarian meals or lunch boxes.

These filo rolls with vego, lemon, feta, and spinach are great for a lunchbox or to feed your family. Enjoy!

Spinach and leek quiche

The Taste.com A quick and healthy quiche made with spinach, leeks, and goat cheese and an easy-to-make pastry will solve your lunchbox dilemma.

Zucchini slice tarts

This zucchini and bacon slice, encased in golden shortcrust pastry, is the ideal solution for your midweek dinner dilemmas.

Greek-style chicken quesadillas

Do you need a quick lunch for work? These quesadillas make a great midday meal.

Fritters with spinach and feta

Top these delicious spinach and feta pancakes with diced avocados and basil pesto for a gourmet touch.

Enjoy these simple and healthy wraps at home or while on the road.

Hawaiian pizza scrolls

Make these tasty Hawaiian pizza scrolls for a delicious lunchbox treat!

This healthier version of LCM’s classic bar will be a hit with the kids.

Passionfruit banana bread

Add passionfruit and raspberry to a classic recipe for banana bread.

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