‘Robbery’: Macca’s raises price of soft serves by nearly 50 per cent

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Macca’s customers are angry about the recent price hikes for soft serve. Some have even labeled the treat “unaffordable.”

This week, McDonald’s quietly increased the price of their cheapest treat in many stores from 80 cents up to $1.15.

Many people on social media expressed their anger that what they once considered an affordable treat had increased in price by 43.75 percent.

In 2012, McDonald’s promoted the super-cheap price.

In just a few years, the cost of a soft serve has increased by 283%.

One customer called them “unaffordable luxurious”.

I want to congratulate McDonald’s for losing a loyal customer. She wrote that a $0.30 increase in the price of soft serve was daylight robbery.

The cones, which are incredibly variable in size according to the server’s whim, no longer attract customers.

Some people have pointed out that there are cheaper fast food options available.

How can Maccas justify this % increase? Hungry Jacks on the road cost 80 cents. “30 cents may not seem like much, but the principle is important,” wrote one person.

Many were angry about the increase in price, but others pointed out that it was still a reasonable dessert compared to other ice creams.

“Paid $5.75 for a Magnum at the servo the other day. “One dollar for a sweet treat is still reasonable,” said a Facebook user.

The fast food restaurant’s spokesperson responded to the outrage.

The spokesperson stated, “We are committed to our Value, which means more at Macca’s” promise. This includes offering our customers exceptional value every day, providing great customer service and 24/7 convenience, as well as focusing on offers year-round like our family packages.”

Customers can also enjoy great savings at McDonald’s with My Macca’s Reward – which includes weekly deals, loyalty rewards, and discounts – as well as our Loose Change menu.

As with all businesses, we regularly review our prices, taking into account several factors, including the increased cost environment in which we all operate. As individuals

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