‘A joke’: Christmas delivery fail hits Frank Green

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Frank Green, a cult water bottle company, is being criticized by angry customers who are worried about Christmas gifts arriving on time due to order processing delays.

The social media pages of the brand that sells reusable drink bottles and keep cups, which are sold for $40 to $90 and are extremely popular among Australians, from primary school children to adults, were flooded with complaints.

The main complaints are that the company takes weeks to send out orders, communicates with customers about their status and is concerned that Christmas gifts ordered won’t arrive on time.

Frank Green blames the delays on “the high volume of orders that we have received.”

News.com.au quoted a Frank Green spokesperson as saying: “Our customers are assured that we will do everything possible to deliver their orders in time for Christmas.”

We are able to do this by offering our customers free options such as express shipping and same-day delivery.

News.com.au received a call from a customer who placed an order on December 8 for monogrammed items well within the advertised deadline of noon (AEDT) on December 12 for Christmas orders for personalized goods.

The company advertises delivery deadlines, but customers are still concerned that they will not receive their orders before Christmas. Picture: Frank Green.

The customer, who spoke on condition of anonymity to news.com.au, said that, after seeing “hundreds” of posts by other consumers about delivery delays, on December 14, she contacted Frank Green using the company’s generic email address.

The customer was told that she would receive a response within five working days.

The customer stated, “Had i known about these problems, I would not have bought two Christmas presents and it is fair to expect Frank Green to have been transparent regarding the delays and subsequent failure to deliver the products before Christmas which were already obvious.”

The customer said that the response did not include any information on updated delivery times, solutions, or cancellation options. They then requested a full refund and reported the matter to Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.

She sent a DM to Frank Green informing him of this. This finally caught their attention, and the customer received a personalized response.

The response asked, “Can I ask you why you submitted a consumer complaint to the ACCC and Consumer Affairs?” before inviting the client to contact the company via an email address or mobile number.

Frank Green customers worry that their children’s gifts will not arrive on time. Picture: Instagram.

Some customers are not so fortunate, as complaints about dispatch time began appearing on social media in November.

One customer posted on Instagram: “The site states that orders can be shipped within 10 business days.” Some people have waited since October. Stop telling people to visit the website! We’ve looked! “It still doesn’t tell us where our orders are!”

I want my order shipped or my hard-earned money refunded. A shopper wrote: “I think it’s about time I reported your company to the Office of Fair Trading!”

I have sent you messages and left comments but have not received a reply. This is beyond a joke. I placed my order before the deadline, and there are no updates on shipping! Another angry customer asked: “When will this be shipped?”

On the website Product Reviews, customers have been very critical of this brand.

Many parents are worried about disappointing their children, and Frank Green is at the top of most Santa’s lists.

One parent wrote: “Will will have to write the letter to Santa explaining why he didn’t receive the @frankgreen_official in time. I want to keep the magic alive.”

Customers also complained about the company’s continued use of social media to encourage customers to order new products despite the backlog in dispatch.

Why are you still promoting ‘order before this date to get it by December 25?’ “Christmas is less than a week away, and hundreds of people still haven’t received their dispatch notice for an order they placed months ago,” a furious customer noted.

“The audacity! Another person commented, “Send out the orders that you received weeks ago!”

Another unhappy customer said: “You’re still posting Instagram posts when you should be placing orders. Ordered on November 29, and still nothing. “Not happy at all :(“

Customers have also taken to social media to express their concerns and ask about the status of their orders.

White Fox, in a statement sent to news.com.au, attributed the delays to the “overwhelming” success of Black Friday sales.

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