McDonald’s exposes Aussie eating habits, reveals ‘most ordered’ item

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McDonald’s exposed Australians’ eating habits, revealing that many of us order “late night” food.

The fast food giant released data on order trends over the past 12 months via its MyMacca app.

The 2023 MyMacca’s Replay not only identifies the food items that Australians order most often but also highlights how tastes vary from one state to another.

Macca’s Hash Browns topped the list of the most popular items across the country. Fries, Hash Browns, and Cheeseburgers rounded out the top three favorites from the late-night menu between 11 pm and 4 am.

Soft Serve Cones with Cadbury Flake are the most popular dessert for late-night snacking.

McDonald’s Australia added the McCrispy to its permanent menu in September. Since then, over half a million customers have enjoyed the new burger, earning it “icon status.”

Elly Griffiths is the head of consumer activations at McDonald’s Australia. She told that “this year, our customers have continued to show love for the Golden Arches by celebrating life’s happy moments with MyMacca’s.”

The Hash Brown took out the top spot, and McCrispy earned its icon status.

First, the annual roundup also included a great debate about whether you prefer a cheeseburger over a hamburger.

The data shows that we are a country divided by cheese. ACT, NSW, and QLD all preferred a Macca’s hamburger, whereas NT SA VIC WA selected a Cheeseburger.

Griffiths said, “While we continue to offer a great menu with great products and quality, it’s been fun to watch as Aussies have continued to make Macca’s their own by adding unique flavours and hacks.”

“We are excited to see what 2024 brings with MyMacca’s as we continue to create feel-good moments that are truly special for everyone in Australia.”

Kelly Arvan from Point Cook, Victoria, was credited with creating the infamous Hash Brown McFlurry Sandwich.

Between January and November, the Aussie mother took TikTok to a new level. She placed over 25,000 Hash Brown orders and McFlurrys via MyMacca.

The mum of one filmed herself eating her sweet and salty creation and described it as “irresistible.”

Many people around the world tried out Mrs Arvan’s unorthodox combination of food at their local McDonald’s.

Many people thought the flavor combination was “insane.”

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