Shopper calls for ‘boomer hour’ over frustration at older customers

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A social media user who suggested that there should be “boomer hours” at grocery stores sparked a poll online.

A Facebook user from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria asked if there was a “boomer’s hour” because too many people over 50 were taking up aisle space and waiting too long at the cashier.

According to the poll, those approaching retirement should consider time-poor parents and students as well as busy workers and avoid shopping at peak hours.

Cole said that it would not be creating an initiative of this kind. understood Woolworths to steer clear of the discussion.

We currently offer Quiet Hour, a shopping experience with low sensory input that is easy on the ears and eyes. It is available at Coles participating stores every Tuesday from 10.30 am until 11.30 am.

Social media was ablaze with outrage over the debate that featured 300 participants.

What a bunch of crap! “I’m both a worker and parent, but I don’t agree at all with this,” an angry shopper yelled.

“Older folks have earned their right to shop at the supermarket whenever they want to. They’ve paid taxes for all of their lives. What’s wrong with people today? “Entitled much?”

Another person said: “How absurd… Maybe those whining shoppers should have a life, and shop online?”

Another said, “We should learn from them and slow down.”

One person said: “I am 63 years old, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told’middle-aged’ or ‘younger’ people that this was a supermarket, not a cafe.”

Barry Urquhart is a consumer behavior analyst who told Seven News that the idea was “ageism personified.”

He said: “At a moment when the cost of living and doing business are high, you cannot marginalise any group of consumers.”

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