Shoppers claim Kmart item ‘isn’t what was advertised’ on box

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Kmart’s $39 item initially sent Australians “running” into the store. But now, some shoppers claim that the item advertised is not what it appears to be.

Rach Annette, a Sydney woman, bought the “Iced Coffee Maker,” a new product from a budget store. She hurried home to test it.

She was less than pleased when she found out that the Kmart machine didn’t dispense milk or ice. So, she asked for a refund.

It’s over for the Kmart Iced Coffee Machine Saga. Rach explained this in a.

It’s not a machine that makes iced coffee. It’s more like a cold percolator or filtered drip. But it’s not advertised as such.

The 30-year-old said that she knew from her previous experience working at Kmart in her youth that the retailer would take the item back immediately.

Jessica Dorante claimed she did not need an iced coffee machine as she already had a coffee maker, blender, and kettle. However, she was intrigued by the hype.

The TikTok user made her coffee and said it “didn’t matter how much it was mixed” because she “wasn’t a fan” and it was “watery.”

She said, “I will use this to make espresso from my coffee machine.”

Some social media users agreed with Rach, but others thought it was a good product for the price.

Thank you for your review. I won’t buy it anymore. One social media user commented, “I thought it would at the very least dispensing milk as well.”

Another person said: “Unless the machine also adds ice and milk to my coffee, I will just continue using my current coffee maker.”

Another social media user commented on the machine: “I personally would like to use more ice, but it looks great for only 40 dollars.”

One person said: “It’s a great option if you do not have a pod machine or coffee machine, and don’t need one.” It minimises pod wastage!

Another said, “Don’t purchase it. There’s no reason for it.” believes that the iced coffee machine is similar to other models on the market.

Kmart will refund or exchange any product that is not satisfactory.

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