KFC Australia launching nightclub serving fried chicken in Sydney

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KFC is now available on the dance floor in a nightclub.

KFC will introduce Kentucky Fried Clubbing on October 21 at a secret location in Sydney for just one night.

The location of the club will be announced 48 hours prior to the event, and it is open from 8 pm until 3 am.

Luude, supported by Kinder and Foura, will headline the event.

Luude’s Zinger Sliders will be available for free. They feature a Zinger filet, lettuce, and a choice between Supercharged Sauce or chili relish.

Luude stated that “KFC is a staple in my diet and when they approached me to partner with them on a project I was 100% interested.”

It sounds wicked. We’re going to set up a secret KFC-style club. You’ll have to pass through the refrigerator to enter.

They’ve also allowed me to create a Secret Menu Item so that you can ask for Luude Zinger sliders anywhere in Australia. “A childhood dream collab.”

KFC’s secret menu, available on its app, will feature sliders from October 4 through 30. KFC says you must drag the menu down and hold it in place for 11 seconds before finding the menu.

Tami Cunningham is the chief marketing officer of KFC Australia. She said that merchandise would be available both online and at the big night.

She said, “We are committed in supporting Australia’s nightlife and music industry as well as providing Aussies the ultimate KFC Experience.”

It’s exciting to partner with local Aussie talent for what will be a great night out. We can’t wait to open our first nightclub in Australia.

We love to put on shows, so we encourage fans to grab tickets, unleash their wild spirits, and embrace the fried part of life.

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise and tickets will be donated to the KFC Youth Foundation, ReachOut Australia, and Black Dog Institute, as well as Whitelion.

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