Your how-to guide to making the most perfect Christmas pudding

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A delicious dessert is a must-have for any good Christmas meal. The classic Christmas pudding will please your guests, particularly if it is served hot and with custard.

This recipe is from and will guide you to a perfect Christmas Pudding.

The longer you can prepare your Christmas pudding, the better. This is because flavors will develop and get richer with age. There’s no need to panic if your Christmas pudding isn’t that well-prepared. A few simple shortcuts will still work.

The best ingredients

It’s a dish in which quality ingredients make all the difference, particularly if you are making a cheat’s pudding at the last minute. You can’t expect to get a great taste from old dried fruit packets at the supermarket. Spend money on high-quality dried fruit and peels of citrus. Premium liquor and lots of it are also important, as is using dark muscovado and unsalted butter.

Soak the fruit as long as you can, at least for a night, but ideally, several days. Sherry and rum are both traditional, but you can also use brandy. Use a Tupperware bowl or ceramic or plastic bowl with plastic wrap to soak the fruit.

Add a touch to tradition.

Before cooking your pudding, place a lucky penny in the middle. The person who finds the coin is said to be blessed with a good year. Be sure to sterilize the coin using vodka or boiling water and alert people in advance before eating so that no one breaks their teeth!

Storing and cooking

Replace the foil after you’ve steamed your pudding and cooled it. This will keep it moist. Store it in a dark, cool place or the refrigerator until you’re ready to heat it on Christmas Day.

Remove all packaging and use the following method to reheat your pudding:

Wrap foil in a towel and heat in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for an hour.

Wrap tightly in foil and place on a trivet over a pan of simmering water. Steam gently for 45 to 1 hour or until the food is hot.

Wrap the pudding in plastic wrap and poke a few holes to let out steam. Microwave on medium power for 15 minutes, depending on its size and your microwave’s strength.

Allow to stand for 5 minutes before serving.

Decorating with flair

Try adding a traditional sprig or holly to the top, or decorate with marzipan or mini Christmas ornaments. You can also tie a ribbon around the edges of the pudding.

You can compensate for the lack of richness in your dessert by adding delicious accompaniments. You can use homemade or store-bought custard, ice cream, brandy butter, and eggnog crème, as well as hard sauce, lemon butter, and store-bought or homemade custard. You can also flame the pudding after it has been baked with brandy, liqueur, or any other alcohol for dramatic effect.

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